When you hear the term “emergency water removal”, you might think it sounds a bit odd because if you’re in a situation where water needs to be removed, it is, more than likely an emergency. One of the main problems with water damage is that all of the damage is not easily seen. If the water damage is not properly treated, additional problems can arise and become apparent weeks and even months later.

Common Causes of Residential & Commercial Water Damages

  1. Water Supply Lines – Lines can burst sometimes for no apparent reason. The best defense against this is installation of steel braided lines.
  2. Water Heaters – Look for corrosion around fittings or valve that relieves pressure.
  3. Toilet Wax Seals Cracking or Leaking – Look for discoloration on the flooring around the back of the toilet.
  4. Copper Water Lines Develop Pin Holes – Most of the time, these occur under the house, or in the walls. Have someone inspect under your house once a year.
  5. Valves, Seals & Seats in Your Plumbing Fixtures – Paper towel test: Take a paper towel and touch the bottom of your valve under your sinks and toilets to male sure they are not leaking.
  6. HVAC Condensation Lines – Over time, these lines get clogged. When you have AC System serviced, make sure the tech clears your lines at the same time.
  7. HVAC Pans Overflowing – If the condensation lines are clear, the chance of the pan overflowing is slim. Make sure that the float switch is operating properly. This will prevent an overflow if you lines get clogged.

Prestige Services Uses the Most Advanced Drying Tools on the Market Today

  • We take before and after pictures with our Infrared/Thermal Camera to show the water was here and now it’s gone!
  • We use Flip Video to record the overall situation and drying process which can be emailed to the adjuster to make real time decisions about the job.
  • The latest Moisture Meter Technology allows us to not only take readings during the drying process, but also record them and point out the results

When and if you experience an emergency water removal situation, our process and documentation will set you at ease because you will know that your structure was dried properly.