The Vacuum Cleaner Myth

Just about every home, apartment or business has this loud and pretty much underused mechanical device on their premises.

What is it, you ask?

clean carpetWell, it’s the vacuum cleaner. You know, that majestic mechanized beast that springs to life when you attach it to a power source and engage the power button. You then chase it throughout your respective rooms as it buzzes over your carpeted areas.

Do we put too much trust in the vacuum cleaner? Now we’re not saying you don’t need to vacuum your carpet. Proper vacuuming is important in caring for your carpet. As a matter of fact, you should vacuum the main traffic areas at least once a week per occupant, on average. Bedrooms can be vacuumed less frequently.

Let’s dispel a myth right now. Vacuuming your carpet is not the same as carpet cleaning. There, we said it!

Professional carpet cleaning removes so much more than a vacuum could ever remove. Many consumers think that regular vacuuming removes the dust and grime from their carpets and they can put off or even skip regular carpet cleaning.

That’s just not going to happen!

The most advanced and powerful vacuums only remove dry soil. The stuff that is tracked in everyday should be vacuumed everyday but vacuum cleaners just can’t remove the sticky, greasy soil that is stuck to the carpet fibers. Those types of soils need to be removed by professional cleaning.

You can’t really wash your car with a dry rag, can you? Your hair doesn’t look its best if you just brush it and skip the shower and shampoo does it? To get your carpet thoroughly cleaned you need a quality deep carpet cleaning.

Here’s the bottom line. Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis but use a professional carpet cleaner regularly as well. For carpet cleaning in Summerville, SC contact the professionals at Prestige Services because they know what it takes to remove all of the dirt!

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